Hi, I'm Janna.
I like your pixels,
and I think about them too.

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I'm one of those digitally creative types. How about you?

Right now I'm an Interactive Designer in New York for Amazon ("I can't get you free Prime, sorry"). Prior to that, I was a Sr Digital Art Director in Miami ("dos tequeños con queso, por favor"). A far cry from where I fell into advertising as a Digital Designer in Melbourne, Australia ("minimum chips and a flake, thanks").
But let's leave that story there and get to some work!

Las Fantásticas Aventuras

We launched the new Ford Focus with the start of an adventure. It had no ending, but it did have a giant piñata. So our audience wrote things, we filmed things, and people even won things. Each chapter was shot in a different genre, with a twist on an iconic Hispanic cue (zombie luchadores, anyone?), as well as highlighting the handy piñata-chasing features of our car. We also had to cast a chicken, much to everyone's surprise.

Could you tell this was built with Tumblr?
Venture here for the how.

// Art Direction, UX+UI Design

Awwwards Site of The Day
FWA Site of The Day
FWA Mobile of The Day
ADDY Awards - Best of Show (Best in Online/Interactive)
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Mobile Medic

Medically diagnosable posters. This one's cool.
I could throw words out there like gamification and augmented reality, but beyond the tech, it's the experience that wins the day here. I took the lead in designing the app from start to finish, crafting out the details in both the visual design and the experience itself (how do you x-ray a poster anyway?). Hard work with a hard-working team lead to a fair bit of recognition for this one. Go on, have a play.

// UX+UI Design

Cannes Gold - Direct
Cannes Gold - Promo Outdoor
Cannes Gold - Promo Digital
Cannes Gold - Media
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Took an opportunity to revisit a virtual wallet app design I worked on for a prototype demo. The main part of this project was about getting the UX down, but I also designed up some of the key screens to give it some love. You can play through the wireframes and designs via interactive InVision goodness, or check out the UI animation in the video below.

// Art Direction, UX+UI Design, InVision, AE Animation

How many countries are in your heart?
What if you could have one jersey that let you wear all of them literally on your sleeve?
The beautiful insight within this campaign spoke so truthfully to so many, not just the US Hispanic market, creating a natural tie-in to the passion and excitement of the World Cup. We got to use some pretty swish WebGL on-the-fly rendering too.

// UX+UI Design

CLIO Sports Awards Bronze - Social Media
El Sol de Iberoamérica Festival Bronze - Digital
Wave Festival Bronze - Direct
U.S.H. Idea Awards Bronze - Direct, Promo & Activation

Razones Que Salvan Vidas

Reasons that Save Lives. That's what we collected with Warriors In Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Because the true reasons why we should take care of ourselves are the things that make our lives worth more. So we asked people what their reason would be and brought them to life in a mural painted by local Miami street artists. These painting sessions were live-streamed online and the mural captured to become an explorable space for people to find and share reasons, as well as give voice to their own.

// Art Direction, UX+UI Design

The Land We Roam

This is a passion project I'm still proud to be part of. Created with the purest intent of helping people roam this amazing world, a great deal of UX and design went into bringing The Land We Roam to life.

// Art Direction, UX+UI Design

Ford Fusion - "Go"

How many ways can you say "go"?
The intonation route leads us to many, but Spanish sure has a fair few ways beyond that!
While I'll be the first to admit I find where online video is going to be very exciting these days, I'll also be the first to say how thoroughly I enjoyed creating these spots.

// Art Direction

A global game of hide and seek. This was pure techy gaming fun to design, and a great creative experience. What a freeing feeling to know you're working with developers who not only handle anything you throw at them, but actually take what you give them and make it even better. Collaboration won on this one (until we played each other that is).

// UX+UI Design

W3 Awards Silver - Education
W3 Awards Silver - Game or Application
Spikes Finalist - Digital (Games)
New York Festivals Finalist - Digital (Games)

Impossible Airfield

Many hands made this one possible. Mine came very early in the design process, so it's always nice when that happens to see things you create remain in the finished product. And ok, I'm surely allowed to have at least one horizontal scrolling parallax piece, right?

// UI Design

Cannes Finalist - Branded Content
W3 Gold - Branded Content (Business to Consumer)
W3 Gold - Branded Content (Promotional/Branding)
W3 Gold - Branded Content (Not-for-Profit)

You've reached the end. Huzzah!

In all seriousness, cheers for being here (even if it was via super quick swiping).
If anything caught your eye, why not say hi? I'm sure between all these words we can talk about things!*

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